The first event of this project was our tree planting ceremony on April 20th at La Casa in Urbana. We ordered fifteen trees from St. Lawrence Nursery. Their trees are grown in upstate New York, cold-hearty and came to us still dormant.

We started with a brief project introduction followed by a demonstration planting. Next we broke into small groups, dug, and planted an assortment of fruit and nut trees along the edge of our property.  Following the planting we celebrated our hard work with small ceremonies around the new tree sites. This “celebration ceremony” included a torches parade, songs of dedication and much love and laughter to welcome the new trees home.

The ideal time to plant trees is when they are still in dormancy, so our spring planting are complete but come fall once leaves are a fallin’ we will be planting some more. If you are interested in hosting a planting or similar event at your home, school or work place please contact us.